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Giraffe Conservation Coffee Medium Roast Medium Grind 250g


Our Coffee

Our coffee is sourced directly from small holder farms in the Mount Kenya region, 1800 meters up on the volcanic rich soil

slopes fed by clear glacial waters. Altitude and environment are ideal for growing an extremely impressive pure Arabica coffee.

The farmers that are members of the cooperative have committed to upholding sustainability in all their practices. The area is

already working to be free of insecticide and herbicide chemicals. Our premium filter coffees are passionately roasted to

perfection to give you the best flavour and aroma. 100% of our profit goes into protecting rhinos and their precious

disappearing habitat. You can feel good about drinking great coffee and supporting a great cause!

Saving the Nubian Giraffes

Did you know, wild giraffe populations have plummeted by almost 30% in the last 35 years? Many people are unaware that

the world’s tallest animal is highly threatened. Giraffes are silently disappearing due to habitat loss and degradation, poaching

and other challenges. They have already become extinct in 7 African countries.

Giraffe Manor, owned by The Safari Collection, is dedicated to halting this alarming trend. They partner with the African Fund

have been rescued from the brink of extinction and numbers are now close to 1000 in Kenya. Through its Footprint foundation,

The Safari Collection also supports the conservation of wild giraffes continent-wide in partnership with the GCF, the only NGO

in the world dedicated solely to protecting all wild giraffes in Africa.



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