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Bio-degradable Pyramid Teabags

Our innovative teabags are made from woven mesh filter derived from corn-starch and can biodegrade completely by microorganisms in soil via hydrolysis. In a compost environment the material will degrade in 8 days.

Biodegradable teabags made from filter mesh ‘soilon’ derived from corn starch, natural origin. The mesh can be biodegraded completely by microorganisms in soil via hydrolysis.

Filter mesh is made of poly-lactic acid filaments from corn starch. The material has excellent permeability for leaf teas

No hazardous substances such as endocrine disruptors and completely biodegrade when disposed in soil

When burned the teabags don’t generate hazardous gases such as dioxin and only produces carbon dioxide and water

Material has antibacterial and antifungus properties

The environmentally friendly material has acquired the ‘GreenPla’ mark

Premium Capsule Coffee

Our revolutionary capsules will disintegrate in 90 days into natural elements within a compost environment and convert into non-toxic humus in the soil.

 Capsules are made from bio-sourced agro-material (cereal) which means they are organic based produced mainly from vegetable fibre and starch.

Capsules are compliant with the stringent EN 13423 standard with regards to chemical composition, biodegradation, disintegration and quality of final compost and eco-toxicity.

Packaging cartons are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited which means they are made out of wood from responsible sources.


Farmer Friendly

Safari Lounge is committed to working with smallholder farming communities. We source and blend only the finest coffee and tea available.

By highlighting the untapped potential of community based production, each product demonstrates the links between local agriculture, economic, social and ecological domains