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Gorilla Conservation Coffee Medium Roast Medium Grind 250g


Uganda is home to half of the remaining estimated 1,000 Mountain gorillas alive today but struggling for a tomorrow. Gorilla conservation coffe is an award winning social enterprise of Conseravation through public heath. Gorila Conseravation Coffee pays a premium price to coffee farmers living next to the gorillas around Bwindi impentrable National Park. Supporting local farmers helps to protect the critically endangered goriallas and their fragile habitat.


This coffee blend is named after Kanyonyi, the former lead silverback of Mubaregorilla family who live in Bwindi impenetrable National Park. Conservation Through Public Health woks with Uganda Wildlife Authority, local communities and other organisations to improve education, healthcare and livelihoods, so that humans and mountain goriallas like Kanyonyi and his family- can coexist.

For each bag of Coffee sold $1 is donated to hep save mountain Gorillas


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