With your safety, comfort, and trust as our highest priority, at Safari Lounge we are constantly striving for excellence both in the products and services we deliver. We work hard to strengthen our systems and processes and we are currently working towards gaining certification for food safety management which is recognized and acclaimed internationally.

With our focus on health, hygiene and food safety, we want to assure you that we are taking the current COVID-19 situation extremely seriously and would like to update you on some of the steps we have taken to ensure your well-being and safety...

Our Staff & Facilities:

  • All of our staff have been educated and trained on what COVID-19 actually is, the symptoms, how it is transmitted, and the impact and implications on society.

  • We have made it mandatory for all our staff to wear the correct PPE wear (sanitizer, gloves, masks) to ensure our customers' well-being, health, and safety.

  • All staff undergoes regular training and briefings in regard to personal hygiene and sanitization of their workspace.

  • We have put in place health checks for all employees.

  • We have increased the frequency of deep cleaning and sanitizing of our entire production facility and all work areas with specific antibacterial agents.

  • We are encouraging customers to opt for "contactless delivery", where our delivery personnel will leave your delivery at your door.

  • All delivery vehicles, equipment, packaging, staff, and tools used to get the job done are cleaned and sanitized thoroughly before and after each delivery.

  • Training our delivery teams on social distancing has been implemented and reinforced so that on delivery this is maintained between delivery personnel and customers.