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Safari Lounge offers premium selection of locally grown, roasted and blended coffees which boast rich flavors and aromas specific in the healthy soil and culture of Kenyan farming cooperatives. We also source the best sustainable and ethical high-grade Arabica and Robusta coffee from farms across the East African region and by purchasing coffee beans directly from coffee cooperatives, locally as well as regionally, smallholder farmers are ensured higher incomes.

Just as important, Safari Lounge ensures the ecological integrity of the production model by investing in the green mindset skills of its coops.

Roasted To Perfection

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Specialty Beans

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Barista Milk

 Safari Lounge recently formulated and launched a Barista Milk with our partners
Bio Food Products

90% of coffee sold is either cappuccino or latte and two thirds of the drink is milk….great coffee needs great milk!


Capsules that don't cost the Earth

Premium Capsule Coffee

Our revolutionary capsules will disintegrate in 90 days into natural elements within a compost environment and convert into non-toxic humus in the soil.

  •  Capsules are made from bio-sourced agro-material (cereal) which means they are organic based produced mainly from vegetable fibre and starch.

  • Capsules are compliant with the stringent EN 13423 standard with regards to chemical composition, biodegradation, disintegration and quality of final compost and eco-toxicity.

  • Packaging cartons are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited which means they are made out of wood from responsible sources.